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Grapevine Winter 2015

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Mothers’ Union Appoints New Chief Executive

bevjullienMrs Beverley Jullien has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of Christian membership charity, Mothers’ Union.

During her successful career in both the corporate and education sectors Beverley Jullien has been at the vanguard of women’s representation at senior board level, including leading the merger of Astra and Zeneca in the UK in 2000 and a period serving as Vice-President [for AstraZenecca.]

Beverley Jullien said “I’m delighted to be joining Mothers’ Union. This offers a wonderful opportunity to apply the skills and experience I’ve gained in my career to a new role in the not for profit sector.  I’m excited to be joining a worldwide organisation of over four million members, men and women working together to support families through fighting poverty and injustice and tackling family issues.”

As well as her global experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Mrs Jullien’s previous roles have included a Pro-Vice Chancellorship at London South Bank University. Alongside her considerable experience at corporate board level, Mrs Jullien will bring to Mothers’ Union her extensive understanding and experience of the not for profit sector: she set up a unique service for the British Olympic Association for the 2012 London Games to help professionalise Sports Governing Bodies; she has served on the Open University International Advisory Board, and volunteers regularly in local community outreach and fundraising.  Mrs Jullien and her family are active members of their local Anglican church and she is proud to be continuing a long tradition of membership of Mothers’ Union.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Beverley to Mothers’ Union” said Worldwide President, Lynne Tembey. “As we look to build on our strong heritage, whilst moving forward towards our strategic goals, Beverley brings to Mothers’ Union her deep faith, her talents and her experience all of which will enable us to do more to transform communities worldwide through our prayers, our practical programme work and our advocacy.”


Mothers’ Union Support for the Youth Mission in This Diocese

A Week of Prayer for this Generation of Young People and the Next

Churches all over the Diocese are joining together in October 2015 for an inspiring week of prayer for the young people in their Parish, and for youth work in their Deaneries. Whilst we really hope that very many youth groups all over the Diocese will join in, we would also like to encourage those parishes that do not have young people or a youth group to participate too, as we mobilise the whole Diocese to pray.


What?              A week of prayer for young people in Peterborough Diocese

Where?           In your Parish

When?             Sunday 4th– Sunday 11th October 2015

Why?               Praying for God to resource and release His Church to reach out to young people.

Who?               Everyone. Adults, young people, youth groups, PCCs, groups and individuals

How?               You choose when you pray, where and for how long (examples below)

A Youth Group ‘Pizza Prayer Pack’ and other resources will be available

Contact?         Diocesan Youth Missioners:

Becky Wills (Northampton Archdeaconry) – 01604 887058

Chad Chadwick (Oakham Archdeaconry) – 01604887059


Some examples:

A group of men are planning to meet for a Saturday morning prayer breakfast

Some young people are planning to meet up at school at lunchtime to pray for their town.

A Mothers’ Union are dedicating part of their meeting to praying for the young people in their area.

One youth group is planning to gather together for an evening of pizza and prayer using the creative resources available in the ‘Pizza Prayer Pack’.

Several groups of young people are planning and leading prayer services in their Parishes

Plus, there will be an online prayer gathering at the end of the week (possibly a Twitter worship service?) as we bring our prayers together on Sunday 11th October.

Are you willing to join us in prayer?


What next?

  1. Discuss the idea with your Incumbent / PCC / Church leadership
  2. Decide when you are going to pray, with whom and where.
  3. Let Becky or Chad know when and where you will be praying. They will give you information and resources that you can use.
  4. Invite people to join you*.
  5. Put up posters (template available) and notices in newsletters etc.
  6. Make any final plans (e.g. Prayer resources, preparing or ordering food)

* If children or young people are participating then follow normal good practice with regards to Safeguarding (if you have any questions contact Chad or Becky or check )


Mothers’ Union Diocesan Awareness Day – May 16th 2015

In every deanery in the diocese of Peterborough the members are already planning events for our awareness day.

Maybe there will be coffee mornings, afternoon teas, craft sales or other events still to be announced.

Whatever the event there will definitely be information about what we do, literature about Mothers’ Union and local and diocesan contact details.

We hope to see our friends there but also those people who would like to know more about us. There will certainly be lots of friendly faces at each venue. We will all be very willing to answer your questions. Do come along.

Guaranteed ……an excellent cup of tea.


Wave of Prayer Factsheets

Click here to download the Wave of Prayer Factsheets – you will need a PDF reader installed on your machine to do so.


Kilkenny Cathedral

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

Whilst holidaying in Southern Ireland we visited Kilkenny Cathedral. What should greet us on our entry but this beautiful banner.

Inside the Cathedral there was a Mothers’ Union table complete with display boards and an MU visitors book which I was pleased to sign.

How wonderful to see MU so proudly displayed.


Hazel Goodman

Saints and Angels MU Kettering


A Brass Band Concert – Featuring 60s Club Band

Saturday 14th June 2014

2p.m. @ Ss Peter & Paul, Market Place, Kettering


A Brass Band Concert


60s Club Band

with guest appearance of:


Park Infant School Choir

Winners of Class 151 Infant School Choir, Kettering & District Eisteddfod 2014


Tickets £5.00 inc refreshments – 01536 522269 & 761033


Proceeds for the work of the Mothers’ Union

News Resources

Activity Quilts for Adults

Screenshot 2014-04-28 16.10.06When a person has dementia they may become very bewildered about their environment and often become agitated and begin plucking at their clothing. These quilts enable them to be distracted and provide a constructive activity.

The aim is to maintain finger skills with buttons, zips, ribbons and Velcro and provide stimulation and conversation topics.

The quilt must be firmly sewn to enable frequent washing.

Finished size approx 22″ x 22″ (56cm x 56cm)


  • 1 fat quarter – these are squares of fabric available from shops which sell patchwork items and are usually good quality cotton fabric
  • 1 fat quarter of fleece
  • Themed blocks 6 – 8
  • Themed decorations to include zip, button, Velcro, cord, ribbon, etc


  1. Attach the fat quarter to the fleece and stitch together firmly in a 2″ (25mm) square grid
  2. Add themed blocks. These should be reversible with tabs on bottom. They should be attached along the top edge of each themed block only
  3. Provide a tactile panel. This can be chenille or textured fabric or washable, crinkly material between layers, eg, foil lined crisp packet
  4. Add a block about 8″ square with a zip in the middle and sewn all around thus making a pocket
  5. Velcro can be attached to lower edge of tabs
  6. Add ribbons/cords. They can be incorporated by affixing very firmly to either the background fabric or a themed block, eg, tails on dog fabric, maximum length 5″
  7. Bind finished mat with double binding and ensure all stitching is secure

These quilts can be donated to hospitals and care homes where they can be used to help those suffering from dementia and also people recovering from a stroke.

Those living with and caring for those with dementia would need to check that this resource and any items sewn on/attached to it were safe to offer to someone living with dementia.


Special Occasion Cards

Just a reminder that I would like to send cards on behalf of the MU in the diocese if I know the circumstance. These might be ‘thinking of you cards’ to the very poorly members and Golden Wedding Anniversary cards and every five years after that. Also 90th birthday and every five years after.

Please contact me with a name and address and date for the card to arrive giving me as much notice as possible in case I am away.

If you have other requests for cards I am happy to consider those too.

Many thanks – Pam Handley tel 01604 714560 .


Wheels Appeal Materials

Put the icing on the cake of your summer by organising a Wheels Appeal cake sale to raise vital funds for Mothers’ Union’s Community Development Coordinators.

Click here for more information.