Mothers’ Union Prayer

Loving Lord
We thank you for your love so freely given to us all.

We pray for families around the world.

Bless the work of the Mothers’ Union as we seek to share your love through the encouragement, strengthening and support of marriage and family life.

Empowered by your spirit, may we be united in prayer and worship, and in love and service reach out as your hands across the world.

In Jesus’ name.



Mary Sumner Prayer

All this day, O Lord, let me touch as many lives as possible for thee; and every life I touch, do thou by thy spirit quicken, whether through the word I speak, the prayer I breathe, or the life I live.



Diocesan Prayer Leaflet

As the night watch looks for the morning,
so do we watch for you O Lord.
Lord, I know I have my faults and my many
failings causing you to grieve. I pray that
your spirit will enter into my heart and
through my heart the whole of me.
May I be a light that guides, loves and helps
others to find your forgiveness and peace.
God of welcome take our
mustard seed of faith;
Nourish it with the Holy Spirit,
that confidence will grow within us
to speak your words of invitation.
May our vision flourish. Amen.


Sunday, the first day of the week
God has created a new day
Silver and green and gold
Live that the sunset may find us
Worthy His gifts to hold.
Loving Lord, we thank you for the
wonderful world which You have created
and for giving us another chance to shine,
today. Help us to reflect Your glory and
enable others to see You through the work
of our hands, the words of our lips and the
thoughts of our hearts.
All this day, O Lord, let me touch as many
lives as possible for Thee; and every life I
touch do Thou by Thy spirit quicken,
whether through the word I speak, the
prayer I breathe, or the life I live. Amen


Lord, help us to follow you
in the way of the Cross.
May my hands this day grasp your cross,
Lord and in doing so show your compassion
and care as I touch others. Give my hands
tenderness as I wipe away the tears of
those in despair and the healing power
when I touch those less fortunate.
Take me Lord and do what you will with
me, only give me your grace and your love
for that is enough for me.


You have given us a new Commandment,
to love one another.
Let my head not be swayed in this world of
seemingly self-interest and avarice but
help me to understand that it is only by
following your commandment to love one
another, Lord, that we will find our self in
the fulfilment of your life.
All our problems
we send to the Cross of Christ
All our difficulties,
we send to the Cross of Christ
All our hopes,
we set on the risen Christ


This is the day that the Lord has made,
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
The Lord Jesus says to you:
I, I am here with you every day.
Take my hand and walk with me.
You will never be lost,
because I am the way.
In Me, you find the truth and the life.
Embrace life with me
and you will have peace, My peace.
Dear Lord, as this day begins help me to
feel your strength in my body that I may
carry out the work that I do this day however
arduous, difficult or wearisome. Give
me the added strength to help others in
their tasks.


One more step along the world I go
As I walk along help me to keep to your
narrow path, Lord.
May my feet guide others along the road
and not lead them astray.
Help me to climb the hills and mountains
that I meet and be with me when my
feet lead me to the deep valleys of
Father hear the prayer we offer
Not for ease that prayer shall be,
But for strength that we may ever
Live our lives courageously.


I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills.
From whence cometh my help?
Be in my eyes Lord. Let my eyes see not
only the desolation of this world but also
the beauty. Help me to see those who are
in need of loving care, their fear and
hopelessness. Help them to see in my eyes
your love and peace.
May my smile and laughter show your love,
Lord. The happiness of knowing you and a
gift for all who receive it. May the smile
and laughter help to brighten up the day
for those whose life seems a never-ending
Gentle God, breathe love within us
Breathe love between us,
From one moment to the next
You hold us in the palm of Your hand.


Wave of Prayer

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Peterborough Diocese Prayers


We pray for all members in the branches of Abington, Christ Church, Holy Trinity with St Paul, Kingsthorpe, St Alban’s, St Benedict’s, St James’, St Mary’s, St Michael’s and Weston Favell in the Greater Northampton Deanery.

As the summer approaches, we open our hearts to seek your will, to be strong in faith and true to your Word.  We pray for all mothers as they care for their families, sometimes against the odds. Give them the patience, strength and love to be good and faithful mothers, encouraging others who struggle with the demands of parenthood.

We pray for successful fetes and summer events, as they show the work of the Mothers Union to all who visit.

We give thanks for the sun and the beauty in your creation; and like the sun helps the flowers grow; so, the Son helps us grow in you.

Lord, in your mercy…. Amen


We pray for all members in the branches of Paulersbury, Tove and Whittlebury in the Towcester Deanery.

We pray for our founder, Mary Sumner and thank you for her witness, courage and example of love and service.

We remember the Transfiguration when Jesus meets Moses and Elijah. Like the disciples who witnessed this event, help us to be good and faithful witnesses for you.

We give thanks for the beauty of the flowers and the trees; the high summer days and the long warm nights.

Lord, in your mercy…. Amen


We pray for our link dioceses and their MU Presidents – for the dioceses of Oyo and Aba Ngwa North in Nigeria and Catherine and Odi, for the diocese of Rumbek in South Sudan and Hellen and Rebecca, for the diocese of Soroti in Uganda and Rose and Sarah, for the diocese of North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba and Ephena and for our own diocese of Peterborough and our President Jill.

We thank you for the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross; help us to be strong and when we need to give of ourselves for our faith, we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit for courage and strength. We pray for all our Wave of Prayer services and for a successful and uplifting Annual meeting in Belfast. We pray also for the Deanery Leaders’ lunch at Crossways, Uppingham, which takes place this month.

We give thanks for those who give their time freely to enable the work of Mothers’ Union and all charities who work for the good of others.

Lord, in your mercy…. Amen


We pray for all members in the branches of Cransley & Geddington, Rothwell, Rushton, Saints & Angels and St Andrew’s in the Kettering Deanery.

Help us to pray for those in need of your help and support.  For those caught up in modern day slavery; for all who are forced to work in deplorable conditions.  We pray for the MU Trustees as they meet at the Parish Hall in Kettering and for those who work at and attend retreats at Launde Abbey. As we pray, open our minds to your Word, and we ask that you answer our prayers and respond to our needs, not just our wants.

Lord, in your mercy…. Amen


We pray for all members in the branches of All Hallows, All Saints, Earls Barton, Orlingbury and Harrowden and Wollaston & Strixton in the Wellingborough Deanery.

Ever loving Father, we live our lives as your saints, and like the saints in heaven, we follow their lead and live to your wisdom and glory. We pray for our MU AGM and Eucharist at All Saints Church, Wellingborough. Give strength and courage to all who serve your Holy Word. We pray for all who are without faith, hope or love.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world, a light which no darkness can quench. You turn our darkness into light: and in your light shall we see light.

Lord, in your mercy…. Amen


We pray for all members in the branches of Eye, Longthorpe, Paston, Werrington in the Peterborough Deanery and for the Oundle members in their Deanery.

Holy Lord, we pray for this holy month, when we celebrate the conception and birth of our Lord Jesus as God in his earthly form.

We pray for the Christmas festivities; for fetes and carol services. We pray for strength for those who prepare services and Christmas events. Help us not to be caught up with shopping for presents and food, that we forget the true meaning of Christmas.

We remember the poor, the vulnerable and the lonely who find this time of year depressing and difficult.

We give thanks for the charities and organisations who work to help the disadvantaged and needy.

We pray for the work of the Mothers’ Union across the Peterborough diocese, in the UK and across the world and for the work being undertaken for the 16 days of Activism. Bless us Father and keep us.

In faith we live our lives to you; in truth we practice your word; in love we live to help each other.

Lord, in your mercy…. Amen


Merry Christmas to you all from the Mothers’ Union members at St. Benedict Church in Hunsbury, Northampton.

Thank you to Catherine from the branch of St. Benedict Church in Hunsbury, Northampton for writing these prayers.


Prayers for Mothers’ Union Committee Meetings

Compiled by Jean Rose (Trustee, MU Peterborough Diocese) & Rev Christine Ostler (Trustee MU Peterborough Diocese)

Option 1

A short period of silence may be kept:

Leader: Think not of what you have done today or where you have been, but think about the One into whose presence you come now.


Leader: We come together to meet in the name of Jesus Christ, to review what we have done in His name and to explore how we can further God’s Kingdom in this place through the work of the Mothers’ Union.

Let us pray:

Almighty God, nothing in our lives is too small that it escapes your gaze and we thank you for the care and love in which you enfold us. Be present in our discussions today, so that whatever you want us to pursue may come to fruition, and a path you do not wish us to follow will appear as a closed door.

Father as you open the doors before us in our conversations, may we bring your glory to our community and to your church.

We ask in the name of your precious Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Option 2

A short period of silence may be kept while contemplating:

Leader: May the busyness of our lives be restrained for this coming time as we seek the Lord, to further the work of God’s Kingdom in this place.


Heavenly Father, we claim that promise now, that where two or more are gathered in your name then you are with us. We welcome you now to this meeting. May the things we say and discuss be encouraging and uplifting, may we feel your touch of encouragement on our shoulders as we plan for the future.

Guide us in the path you would have us walk.

In the name of Jesus Christ we ask.


Option 3

A quiet song or worship tune may be played:

e.g. As the deer pants; Oceans; When peace like a river


Leader: As You open our ears to hear Your voice (in the song), so we ask that You open our hearts and minds to hear You speaking to us now, as we discuss and plan for the work of the Mothers’ Union in this community. We ask that you will encourage us to be bold, help us to be creative and, above all else, to bring Your Kingdom closer to this place.

In the name of Christ


Option 4

Think upon these words:

“Jesus Christ – the same yesterday, today and forever”

Hebrews 13.8


Leader: Holy Lord, as you grew up, you experienced family life as we do now; you experienced the busyness of a working life and travelling. You were in it, yet, apart from it. Help us now to distance ourselves from today’s experiences so we may focus our minds on the work of the Mothers’ Union in this place.

Lord, you are timeless but we are here for a season. Help us to pursue those tasks which have your blessing and to disregard those suggestions which will not bear fruit for your Kingdom.

Be with us now as we plan the future of this Branch in this place.

All honour and glory be to your Holy Name.


Option 5

“Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail.”

1 Corinthians 13 v.7

Leader: Let us take a moment to focus on the cross of our Saviour. The cross has done it all – Jesus has done it all – for us.


Leader: Almighty God, as our Saviour was obedient to death on the cross for our sake, help us to be obedient to the words you speak to us as we seek to do your will. May we be ever open to your voice and guidance as we carry out the work of the Mothers’ Union in this place. Give us the same love for our community that you have for the world. Grant us grace that we may show Christ to those who, as yet, do not know Him.

Empower us to undertake your work to spread the news of the saving Gospel of Christ, by reaching out to families in need.

Father use us as your hands and feet in this place, and may all the glory and honour be to your Holy Name.