Roles and Responsibilities

Action and Outreach Unit Co-ordinator

The essential requirement for the co-ordinator according to the role description from Mary Sumner House is to have an abundance of ‘enthusiasm!’

The co-ordinator is responsible to the trustees to keep them informed of the projects within the diocese that the branches in each deanery are involved. Committee meetings are held quarterly, with deanery representatives attending and then minutes are sent out to deanery committee members and the trustees.

The projects for the diocese at present are knitting such as children’s clothes and blankets and for vulnerable children, contact with the prison – sending Christmas cards to prisoners, buying course books for their GCSE subjects, Away From It All holidays – organised by Jean Wilson and Joy Morson for families who would otherwise not have a holiday, contact with our link dioceses of Birmingham, England; Bungoma in Kenya; Guinea in Africa; Manicaland in Zimbabwe; Nike in Nigeria; and Seoul, Taejon and Pusan in South Korea. The branches in the diocese raise funds in the summer months for the national ‘Wheels Appeal’ with cake sales and members collect worldwide money which is annually brought to the November Forum.

Finance and Central Services Coordinator

The finance and central services coordinator, David Dyer, and his committee, alongside the treasurer, Sylvia Rowley, deal with the diocesan finances, budgets and legal requirements and policies.

Faith and Policy Coordinator

The faith and policy coordinator, Sue Tringham, and her committee guides the prayer life of the diocese. They prepare the wave of prayer service and makes sure that every branch, deanery and unit is remembered in prayer by ensuring that they all have a place in the annual calendar and that the prayers appear in Grapevine. She also arranges quiet evenings, quiet days and retreats.

Social Policy Contact

The social policy contact, Penny Knight, is part of the faith and policy unit. She has responsibility for making the members aware of social policy documents that she receives from Mary Sumner House and also for getting members involved in the discussion papers on many subjects, e.g. The Bye Buy Childhood campaign and same sex marriage.

Indoor Members Coordinators

The indoor members coordinators, Jenny Overson and Elizabeth Addley, care for our indoor members. They write to each of the members three times a year. The indoor members are a very valuable powerhouse of prayer in this and every diocese.

Pastoral Officer

The pastoral officer, Pam Handley, sends birthday, get well, golden wedding  and bereavement cards to members on behalf of the diocese.

World Wide Coordinator

The world wide coordinator, Jill Goodman, is part of the Action and Outreach unit . She coordinates correspondence to our link dioceses. The link dioceses are: Bungoma in Kenya, Guinea in West Africa, Manicaland in Central Africa, Pusan, Seoul and Taejon in Korea, Nike in Nigeria and Birmingham in Canterbury province.

Diocesan Members Officer

The diocesan members officer, Betty Vizor, corresponds with the members who do not belong to a specific branch. She keeps them in touch with all that is going on in the diocese.

Families First Coordinator

The Families First coordinator, Pamela Woods, ensures that all members receive the magazine six times a year.

Mothers’ Union Enterprises

This unit is responsible for ordering from Mary Sumner House the resources, cards, gifts and other items which are sold to members.

Diaries and Christmas cards, Mothering Sunday and Easter cards, Baptism cards and cards for most occasions.

It also carries a stock of service books and prayer books.

There are opportunities for members to purchase items at Forum and deanery and branch events, when if possible the MUe (Mothers’ Union Enterprises Rep.) will attend.

Orders can be made through the deanery rep. and at any time on 01572 771564 or email

Get ‘Away From It All’ (AFIA) Holidays

See separate page.