A Nation Mourns

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll (21st April 1926 – 8th September 2022)

May she rest in peace and rise in glory

08 September 2022

It is with deep sadness that I receive the news of the passing of our beloved Patron, Her Majesty The Queen.  On behalf of the Mothers’ Union members around the world, I join with the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in offering our love and sincere condolences to the entire Royal Family and all those dear to her.

Her Majesty has had a long and extraordinary life in which she saw our world change dramatically. Yet Her Majesty’s dedication and service to her country, the Church and Commonwealth remained steadfast and continued to be an inspiration to us all, keeping us together in all situations.

We give thanks to God for her being our Patron, for blessing her with special gifts for a life humbly dedicated to public service, her strong faith as she weathered many storms; her commitment and devotion to family life; and her great concern for communities and all people.

Her guidance and support of Mothers’ Union over the decades has enabled us to achieve so much in impacting communities and touching lives. During times of ongoing war and turmoil around the world, she reminded us of the healing power of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation.  This inspired us and encouraged us to work for harmony and good relationships among all people in our communities.

Her spirit of acceptance to change and transformation through the years and her ability to take others on the journey of change is testimony to her great strength as a leader and her faith in change that is inevitable.  This outlook on life strengthened Mothers’ Union members to embrace all opportunities of change and transformation that truly reflect the worldwide nature of our movement.

We will always remember her intelligence and humility in making wise decisions, her charm and sense of humour, and her sincere caring and gentleness. Hers was a life born to serve God and all humanity and her legacy that will live on in so many ways and in the hearts of all Mothers’ Union members for generations to come.

On behalf of the Worldwide Board of Trustees, Staff and Members all around the world, we pray for the peaceful resting of Her Majesty’s soul with the sure hope of her rising in glory.

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Romans 8:38a (NLT)– Sheran Harper, Worldwide President, Mothers’ Union


A prayer in memory of Her Majesty The Queen

Faithful God
We remember with thanksgiving and gratitude,
the life and service of Her Majesty the Queen.
We have been inspired by her dedication and faith,
Her commitment to the welfare of our Nation
And her lifelong devotion to the peoples of the Commonwealth.
As we pray for her family and mourn with our nation,
May the integrity of her public service,
Her concern for the common good
And her steadfast commitment to good governance
Inspire all those in public office,
In UK and Commonwealth and across the world,
To uphold the rights of all peoples
In the pursuit of justice
And the interests of peace.



Diocesan President Update Summer 2022

Well, it’s been 6 months since I became Diocesan President – where has the time gone?

February saw our first meetings of Vice Presidents and the Trustee body – or it should have been, for me, my life was put on hold when on the afternoon of our first Trustee meeting, due to take place in the evening, I had a phone call to say that my mum, who lived in Gloucester, was unwell and friends were taking her to hospital. My lovely mum passed away on the Sunday morning. The reason I need to share this with you is important to me, I couldn’t be there for you during that time and the month or so afterwards. The war in Ukraine was just starting, which was shocking and then I caught Covid.

I just want to tell you that you have a wonderful Trustee body – the prayerful support I had during those difficult days; well, I have no words.

However, life does move on and we had a wonderful Diocesan Festival – a great occasion and the sun was shining. Unfortunately, some couldn’t attend the Festival due to Covid, including Jill who was due to preach. It was lovely to have Jill’s son join us for the afternoon. Thank you to Rutland Deanery who provided the refreshments.

April saw the launch of monthly mid-day prayers, on Zoom, which takes place on the 4th Tuesday of each month. This is led by Jill Cannings who is our Faith & Spirituality Community of Interest lead. Jill opens up the session at 12.15 for prayers to start at 12.30. Thank you to Jill for doing this. Just a reminder that MSH lead in midday prayers daily at 12:00 and Jennie Edis, one of our Vice-Presidents, often leads the prayers at this time.

In May, we held a Diocesan Quiet Day which was at Higham Ferrers. Again, we were blessed with the weather and many of us were able to sit outside for part of our reflection. Thank you to Jill and Revd. Debbie Smith Wilds for organising this and to St Mary’s Branch and the Higham Deanery who provided refreshments.

In June we had an afternoon tea for our Diocesan Members – thank you to Kay and Barbara for overseeing this – there was lots of tea and delicious cake!

We continue with the twice yearly publication of Communicate – I am grateful to Jean who finalised the last edition, for me, as at the time I was in hospital with mum.

We have introduced a quarterly bulletin. This is distributed to Branch and Deanery Leaders. I hope you find it useful, keeping you up to date with what is happening within the Diocese and beyond.

Looking to the future – Jennie and I are travelling to Liverpool Hope University in July to attend the Re-imaging MU Conference (Jill will also be there, as a helper.) This has been deferred from January 2022. Reports from this will be available in the autumn.

Christmas Cards for prisoners also continues, thank you to Jill Goodman who oversees this. We shall be able to obtain new centrally printed cards at a good rate for you all to sign. Watch out for more details.

HMP Five Wells has now opened and currently has a population of 600. We are still waiting to find out how MU can support the prison fellowship.

We have a Deanery Leader coffee morning on the 10th September – an opportunity to come together and share news.

Our Wave of Prayer takes place between 21st – 23rd September. Jill C. has prepared a service for you which will be distributed, by Jean, via email. We can also arrange to have copies printed for you, if you need them.

Once again there will be a Retreat at Launde Abbey from October 24th to 26th 2022. Please contact Lyn Ridley if you would like to attend, there are still some places available.

On the 29th October 2022 we have a Coffee Morning for Diocesan Members in Northampton.

Our next Forum will take place on 19th November 2022.

So that is us, looking at our new beginnings and looking forward to the time we come together for our next Forum. Thank you everyone, for all that you do.

The Mothers’ Union are God’s eyes and ears, it is our hands and feet that meet local needs.

Remember “Be Proud, Shout Out Loud”.

Helen Lynett, Diocesan President 2022 – 2024